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Dr. Myeroff selected by Mpls St Paul Magazine as a 2023 Top Doctors Rising Star for the 3rd straight year

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Latissimus Muscle Transfer for Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears

Dr. Myeroff and his team prioritize continuing surgical education. This quarter’s shoulder lab focused on complex reconstruction for severe shoulder rotator cuff tears. While some rotator cuff tears can be managed with therapy, rotator cuff repair offers good outcomes when necessary. When repair is not possible, complex solutions include superior capsular reconstruction, lower trapezius muscle transfer, and latissimus muscle transfer. With a growing demand from patients to salvage shoulder function with a latissimus transfer, Dr. Myeroff and his team continued to sharpen their techniques in the lab this week.

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Dr. Myeroff publishes his newest book chapter: Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Fractures – Scapula Fractures: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

Dr. Myeroff teamed up with Dr. Peter Cole at The Scapula Institute to publish this completely revised, state of the art update of the literature but also the most contemporary indications and techniques in treating these complex shoulder girdle injuries. I also review my technique for arthroscopic surgery for glenoid fractures. Get your copy today!

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Introducing Ally May, Orthopedic Assistant

I would like to send a special shout out to Ally May, who has been the nucleus of our clinic team for over 3-years as an athletic trainer. From elbow casting to patient education and urgent fracture referrals, Ally always brings her A-Game. Our TRIA / Twin Cities Shoulder and Elbow patients have been so lucky to have you and our team wouldn’t know what to do without you. I’m honored to announce that Ally passed her exam as an Orthopedic Assistant and she will continue to push the limits of her patient care. THANK YOU ALLY and GOOD LUCK in your new role. She has more than earned a new pair of cowboy boots, compliments of Twin Cities Shoulder and Elbow!

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American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Advance Dr. Chad Myeroff to Associate Member

After half a decade of clinical practice and research in shoulder and elbow surgery, Dr. Myeroff was honored with advancement to "Associate Member" in this elite group of surgeons. Advancement is awarded based on ASES meeting participation, research, leadership and experience.

Dr. Myeroff attends 2022 the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Annual Meeting: Atlanta, GA

October is one of my favorite times of year. In addition to the beautiful changes in foliage along the Mississippi River Valley, I always look forward to reconnecting with colleagues, mentors and leaders in shoulder and elbow surgery. This weekend we focused on cutting edge techniques and outcomes in shoulder replacements, fractures and sports injuries as well as complex elbow cases. It was great debating complex cases and sharing cases with peers from around the country.

Distal Humerus Fractures in the Elderly Population

Distal humerus fractures present complex challenges in the elderly patient. These fractures often occur in patients who are living independently but have poor bone quality and low physiologic reserve, thus complicating management decisions and treatment. The goal is a painless, functional, stable elbow that allows completion of the activities of daily living. Nonsurgical management is reserved for those who cannot tolerate surgery. Open reduction and internal fixation is the preferred choice in fractures amenable to rigid fixation and early motion. Although total elbow arthroplasty provides improved early function and similar overall outcomes in appropriately selected patients, it has the potential to cause devastating complications. With modern technology and treatment principles, as well as early definitive treatment by an experienced specialist, predictable return to function can be expected.

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Happy Surgical Technologists Week

Our surgical techs at TRIA Woodbury and Lakeview are the champions of the operating room. They keep our shoulder and elbow surgeries sterile, safe and on the ball. Thank you for all you do!

Dr. Chad Myeroff publishes again on “Management of Geriatric Elbow Injuries”.

Management of Geriatric Elbow Injuries

The Management of Geriatric Elbow Injuries was published in Orthopedic Clinics of north America. Given Dr. Myeroff’s nationally recognized interest in shoulder and elbow fractures, he and his team were invited to publish this review article summarizing the current standards of care for these complex injuries in elderly patients. Special thank you to our Geriatric Orthopedic Trauma Fellow Dr. Naoko Onizuka for her tireless work on this article and Dr. Julie Switzer at Methodist Hospital for her local and national leadership in fragility fractures.

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Sept 8, 2021 Throw Back Thursday
"Predictors of Mortality in Elder Patients with Proximal Humeral Fracture"
Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation

Predictors of Mortality in Elder Patients with Proximal Humeral Fracture

On this week in 2017 Dr. Myeroff teamed up with one of his closest shoulder and elbow partners, Dr. Julie Switzer. Dr. Myeroff originally trained in shoulder injury techniques under Dr. Switzer as a resident. After completing his fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery, and upper extremity fracture care, Dr. Myeroff was recruited to Regions Hospital to work as Dr. Switzer’s partner. Myeroff and Switzer share a passion for caring for complex shoulder injuries in the elderly and found it natural to team up and publish on Proximal Humerus Fractures in the elderly, and the associated medical effects and impact these injuries have on their medical status and lifestyle. This helps surgeons to better advise patients and their families at the time of these injuries.

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Twin Cities Shoulder and Elbow Annual Cruise

This week we spent some time relaxing and taking in the end of summer. It was a fun season with the team golfing, playing pickle ball, and of course caring for our patients throughout the St. Paul and the St. Croix River Valley with shoulder and elbow injuries.

Dr. Chad Myeroff voted among the Twin Cities Top Doctors, Rising Stars.

Mpls St. Paul Magazine

For the 2nd year in a row, Mpls St. Paul Magazine has recognised Dr. Myeroff as a Rising Star in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery. With a focus in complex shoulder and elbow fracture care, sports medicine and reconstruction Dr. Myeroff sees new patients at TRIA Woodbury, TRIA Stillwater. He aims to provide elite patient education and treatment for painful shoulders and elbows including rotator cuff tears, shoulder replacements, labral tears, or weekend warrior injuries.

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Dr. Myeroff Publishes on Outcomes of Elbow Fracture fixation in Older Patients

Elbow Fracture fixation

Dr. Myeroff and his team have just published the first Article worldwide reporting the outcomes of olecranon elbow fractures using locked plating technology. This study showed good outcomes, superior to those published in Europe with standard plating techniques.

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Dr. Chad Myeroff selected as a Top Doctors “Rising Star” in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery by Mpls St. Paul Magazine.

Mpls St. Paul Magazine

Dr.Chad Myeroff specializes in all aspects of shoulder and elbow care including arthroscopic care of rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, biceps repairs, total shoulder replacements, and complex fracture repair. He has published 7 peer reviewed articles, 5 chapters and lectured nationally on shoulder and elbow care. He has been recognised among his peers for achieving great things in their first decade as a professional.

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Chad Myeroff, MD, Earns Board Certification in Orthopaedic Surgery

Mpls St. Paul Magazine

Twin Cities—Orthopaedic surgeon Chad Myeroff, MD, Shoulder and Elbow specialist of TRIA Orthopedic Center recently received Board Certification from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS).

To achieve Board Certification from the ABOS, Dr. Myeroff first successfully completed a fiveyear residency program in orthopaedic surgery which was accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and then passed the rigorous ABOS Part I examination, a comprehensive computer-based examination encompassing all facets of the field of orthopaedic surgery. He then received fellowships in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, as well as Upper Extremity Fracture Care.

Two years later, Dr. Myeroff’s clinical competence was evaluated through a credentialing process and the ABOS Part II oral examination. After providing ABOS with a case list of all surgeries performed over a recent six-month period, experienced surgeons selected 12 of these cases to comprise Dr. Myeroff’s Part II Oral examination. Specific skills that were evaluated during that examination include data gathering and interpretive skills, diagnostic skills, treatment expertise, technical skills, patient outcomes, and applied orthopaedic and medical knowledge.

After passing both the written and oral examinations, Dr. Myeroff is now considered Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery. The Certification lasts for 10 years and Dr. Myeroff is now considered a diplomate of the ABOS. In order to be recertified, the diplomate must pass a recertification examination, receive positive reviews from peers in their practice area, have a selected period of surgical cases evaluated and participate in continuing medical education.

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Inc. was founded in 1934 as a private, voluntary, nonprofit, independent organization to serve the best interests of the public and the medical profession. These interests are achieved through the ABOS by establishing standards for the education of orthopaedic surgeons. These standards are evaluated by the ABOS through examinations and practice evaluations.

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